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Residential projects, construction loans, legalize additions, houses, rooms, balconies-decks, patios, all calculations, fire sprinklers plans, garage-ADU. 

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Need funds to start or finish your construction? 

We can help you! We are experts in licensing and permits and help legalize additions, homes, rooms, ADU-garage conversions, Calcs-T24, and fix property violations. We also help you obtain the capital you need to expand or modify your home.

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Blueprints and Permits (Drafter & Designer)
Just because you own your home does not mean that you can make or break whatever you want on the property.

If you want to build or remodel your property, you first need to get approval from the city. Before breaking ground on a construction or remodeling project, the city will need to review your plans and verify that you meet all requirements before issuing you a permit. During construction, all work is inspected to ensure it complies with established codes.
Property Violations
If you make modifications to an existing construction, like an addition or ADU-garage conversion, we’ll legalize it to help you avoid any problems with the city.
For these sorts of projects, go with experts in the field that can help you resolve these issues. Otherwise, the city may force you to demolition any additions to your property.
We Legalize Additions
Each city has its own regulations and codes to keep people safe and neighborhoods pleasant. Due to a lack of knowledge, it is normal for many residents to fail inspections as a result of breaching these codes. This leads to unnecessary expenses and legal problems. When you hire us, know that we help you avoid all these issues by bringing your addition up to code.
Worry no more! We can help you obtain financing to start or complete your construction. We have the best interest plans and low prices.

Serving in Los Angeles, Riverside,

San Bernardino, and Orange County. 

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